A Step-by-Step Guide To Building Your First Mobile App

It is proven that mobile apps are the best business tool for expanding your brand awareness and reach the ultimate sales. If you have a creative idea for the perfect mobile app and don’t know where to begin designing and building an app.DxMinds Technologies, an expert Mobile App Development Company in Dubai shares a complete guide on how to make an app successfully.

Define your goal

The first and most important thing is you have to set your precise goal of the app, it will help you to reach your goal faster. So before going for the development make a clear idea about the following questions 

  • What your app will do?
  • What common problem your app will solve in an easy way?
  • Is it helpful for the users?
  • What type of marketing your app needs?

Market research

Market research help to get the right product at the right place with the right price to the right person. Market research brings all the details about 

  • The new opportunities in the market
  • Help to identify the problem that has to be solved
  • Determining consumer's needs and wants

The middle eastern market is highly diverse, So with the help of an experienced App Development Company in Kuwait, Dubai or Saudi Arabia you can find out the best way to market research.

Sketch your app

Make a sketch about your app that clearly worded ideas into visual representations of your thoughts. This visual architecture will give many benefits like 

  • Saves time and money
  • It brainstorming ideas and easy collaboration with team members and clients.
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How IoT Is Transforming Education Industry ?

Today technology has made it possible for us to lead more comfortable lives. Including the industry sectors like retail, manufacturing, healthcare, etc education industry also utilizing modern technologies such as IoT to deliver an interactive learning experience. In the middle east region leading Mobile App Development Company in Dubai, who are expertise in trending technologies help businesses from different industry sectors to grab the opportunities that mobile technology presents. IoT (Internet of Things) is one of the best mobile technology that provides an engaging medium for students and makes learning more agile and improves the quality of education.

· Smart classrooms

The IoT altering typical learning ideologies, schools and universities alike are embracing a whole new world of technology concepts. IoT offering a more interactive and effective experience for both teachers and students. Smart classrooms include several IoT sensors and gadgets to improve the quality of education, IoT-powered whiteboards, smart microphones, etc are the best examples.

· Smart attendance monitoring

In schools attendance monitoring is a time consuming daily task, IoT enables automated attendance tracking. The data collection and analysis capability allows effective attendance monitoring and also for testing the student’s physical and mental condition, nutritional requirements, etc.

· Interactive learning

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Best platforms for building mobile apps

Today peoples are relay on mobile apps for everything including communication, finance management and also for product purchasing, etc. that’s why businesses are quickly adopting mobile technology. Mobile apps help to grow your business by boosting brand awareness, improving customer service experience, acting as the best marketing tool, help to acquire more customers and also generate more income.

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So the importance of mobile apps in business is already proven, a mobile app with new touch points like chat,voice, augmented reality and wearable experiences will take your business to the next level. If you already decide on the digital transformation for your business in the Middle East region, the next big thing is to choose the best mobile platform and the leading Mobile App Development Company in Dubai for your business needs?.

Here I put together some of the top app building platforms that Mobile Apps Development Companies in Dubai using to develop apps that are flawless in functionality and are aesthetically brilliant.

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Appy Pie

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Importance of taxi app development in 2020

Today mobile solutions are becoming an absolute must as it helps business to reach out to millions of people at a time. Most of the smart entrepreneurs, irrespective of the industry are making the best use of it. If you have a startup or established cab business, a taxi app that helps to reach safely with a decent timing will attract more people and enhance your business profits. Let's discuss why a travel business in the Middle East region needs to hire one of the Best Mobile App Development Company in Dubai for putting mobile technology in the taxi business.

Build brand awareness

A mobile application based marketing strategy is a wise decision for any smart business. It increases the visibility of your business and also helps your customers to get all your business information about business services on their fingertips. The easy access to better services will make customers choose your business over others.

Automate business

Mobile apps help to automate your business that improve the overall workflow by optimizing business processes and leads to increase the productivity. Increased employee productivity, simplified process, improved transparency are some of the advantages businesses can achieve through business automation.

Deepen customer relationship

Mobile apps build a deeper relationship with customers through easy and better communication. The business can keep customers up to date with a well-established feedback system.

Better security

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Trending AI (Artificial Intelligence) apps at this moment

Technological revolutions switch over the way we live, work and relate to one another unlike anything before all the way we experienced.AI(Artificial Intelligence) is the most promising technology trend in the tech industry let on machines to perform in an extremely intelligent manner equivalent to the working and thinking of a human one. Current AI trends like AI-enabled chips, IoT integrated AI, Automated Machine Learning, facial reorganization, increased automation, sensors, etc. unlocks many seamless app development possibilities. More than a personal assistance an AI app can do abounding changes in many industries like Automobiles, business, education, finance, gaming, government, healthcare, manufacturing, etc. Mobile App Development Companies in Hyderabad offers advanced mobile solutions on all platforms.

AI in Android platform

AI-enabled Android apps to have some eminence features made up of automated reasoning, image labeling, face detection, text recognition, etc. The AI-based tool kit and Machine Learning kit allow the easy draw on Artificial Intelligence apps for Android.

Google launched Neural Networks API to open up on-device machine intelligence on Android 8.1.

AI in iOS platform

AI-driven iOS apps having the capability to understand different forms of learning (rote learning & generalization), enhanced reasoning ability and problem-solving skills.

The launching of the CoreML framework by Apple allows integrating a variety of ML model types on your iOS app.

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Emerging Trends in IoT (Internet of Things)

In 21 st century IoT will be the next industrial revolution which is going to change our lives in ways never imagined before. As a salient technology trend IoT extending the power of the internet beyond computers and smartphones to other physical devices, It allows us to connect these devices through the internet, collecting and sharing data. IoT has popped up with a highly believable promise that any system or physical devices that can receive and transfer data over wireless networks without human intervention. 

Let's check the IoT trends that are going to rule the century.

Integrating AI with IoT

Both AI (Artificial Intelligence)and ML(Machine Learning) are going to make a splash in the Internet of Things(IoT). The admixture of these two stand-out innovative technologies is moving towards a prevailing future without any doubt. Businesses like automation, propelled robotics, smart homes, assembling, design are some of the most genius advantages of these technologies.

Edge computing in place of Cloud computing

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